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Founded in 2010, Al Farusia Event Management has been having a successful run in Kerala, India ever since. Launched in Dubai in 2015, we take up end-to-end management of all kinds of events from exhibitions, exhibitions stands, entertainment events, sport events, charity events, weddings, product launches, private parties, themed birthdays, corporate events and training, PR management, trade shows and more. From small get-togethers to events on the highest scale, we have experience managing them all.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of Al Farusia’s philosophy is a disciplined yet creative approach to event management. We view each event as distinctive in its raison d’etre, objectives and desired outcomes. From this view arises our passion for customization and our focus on delivering to the nuanced needs of each client.

Stories and coherent concepts are powerful ways to reach out to any audience. We, at Al Farusia, are storytellers at heart who believe in leaving a lasting impression in the minds of our clients and their guests.

Our Core Values

  • Client Focus: Customer is, indeed, king. Our business is all about leaving you with a delightful experience and our goal is to exceed expectations, every time.
  • Tailor-made Services: Customization is key to our philosophy. We are passionate in giving you tailor made services. We challenge ourselves to offer you the most distinctive, exciting and rare ideas and designs.
  • An Exciting Journey: Surprise yourself with our enthusiasm and excitement. With a team that is pro-active and takes ample initiative, quality service and customer delight is guaranteed.
  • Highly Experienced Team: Experience counts for much in the event management domain. Our highly experienced team, who has a thorough understanding of the field, intuitively senses hurdles ahead of time and exploits opportunities with expertise and acumen.
  • Close Coordination with Clients: We coordinate and work closely with our clients to develop dynamic, focused, progressive and solutions-based partnerships to yield the desired results.
  • Well-Networked: When it comes to event management, the value of networking cannot be overemphasized. Reaching out to people for promotional needs, dealing with third parties, etc. are made much easier with our well-networked team of professionals.
  • Clear Communications: Clear communication is the bedrock of all successful partnerships. From a lucid understanding of the requirements to the subtleties of the deliverables are laid out in clear, actionable terms and carried forward.
  • Friendly and Approachable: Einstein famously wondered if the universe was a friendly place. Do we need to further emphasize the importance of this question? With our highly approachable team, you can interact freely and enjoy stress-free communication at all stages of your project.
  • Strong Financial Controls: All financials are documented, assessed and revised as appropriate. We work to suit your budget.
  • Allowing the Client to Stay in Control: We understand your reservations when it comes to leaving an event close to your heart in the hands of another. To allay your fears, we ensure that you are kept in the loop and stay in control of your event all the way from planning to delivery.
  • On-time and Within-Budget Delivery: Delivery as promised is a priority at Al Farusia Event Management. Our team goes the extra mile to see that these objectives are fulfilled.
  • Teamwork: We strongly believe that two minds are better than one. Brainstorming, 1-on-1 discussions and knowledge sharing and collaboration are all undertaken to achieve effective teamwork.
  • Creativity: We seek to infuse creativity into each project that we undertake, making each a unique event that stands out from the crowd. We promise you originality and creativity to give you a breathtaking experience.

Our Past Successes

Our past successes have been built on a strong foundation of a highly experienced team, clear communications, creativity, hard work and determination which has enabled us to deliver to the precise requirements of our clients.

What Next?

For all your event management needs, leave us a query on +971 52 741 0725 or and our Event Managers will work with their hand-picked teams to understand your requirements, meet your expectations and ensure that you stay updated every step of the way.


  • Entertainment Events
  • Sport Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Weddings
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Product launches
  • Private parties
  • PR Management
  • Trade Shows
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